Saturday 28 September is International Safe Abortion Day, a global day of action that sees individuals, organisations and governments work together to defend, protect, and fulfil women’s right to accessible, safe, and legal abortion. Check out their website to see a record of action taking place across the world.

Our campaign

Doctors for Choice UK is a group of UK-based healthcare professionals who believe that evidence-based, high-quality abortion care should be recognised as a routine part of women’s reproductive healthcare and accessible to everyone who needs it.


With our #abortionishealthcare sticker campaign, we are contributing to a global day of action that demands governments across the world recognise the integral place that accessible, safe, and legal abortion care has in the wider field of women’s sexual and reproductive health.

How you can

get involved

If you are a member of Doctors for Choice UK or Doctors for Choice NI, email us by Wednesday 25 September and we can send you some stickers in time for Saturday. We want you to stick them anywhere and everywhere – the more public a place the better! Don’t forget to tweet pictures of your stickers and @ us so we can share on social media using the hashtags #MyAbortionMyHealth and #AbortionIsHealthcare. If you miss the deadline, then worry not - we will continue to send them out because everyday should be International Safe Abortion Day.


If you are not a member but still want to get involved with the fun, then you can download the stickers here and print as many as you want! Again, don’t forget to @ us so we can share on social media using the hashtags #MyAbortionMyHealth and #AbortionIsHealthcare.

The global


From the devastating effects of the expansion of the Mexico City Policy, to more recent reports of his administration using its influence to rally UN member states to oppose abortion rights, President Trump is having a detrimental impact on the health and wellbeing of women all over the world. Against this political backdrop, governments and pressure groups across the world are emboldened to chase anti-choice policies and anti-feminist rhetoric that ultimately harm the most vulnerable women the most. This Saturday is an opportunity to show our solidarity to those who campaign for abortion rights, those who provide services, and those who access them; it is also an opportunity to refocus our efforts on maintaining an unapologetically pro-choice campaign, free of pre-emptive compromise and ready to fight for abortion rights and access for everyone who needs it. 

The local


Doctors for Choice UK campaigns for the decriminalisation of abortion across the UK, which would see abortion taken out of criminal law and regulated in the same way as any other medical or surgical procedure. Read about our campaign here. We recently welcomed a group of colleagues from Northern Ireland who have set up Doctors for Choice NI; this is particularly exciting given the recent move to decriminalise abortion in Northern Ireland - catch up on the latest news from the Now for NI website.